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Refinancing your home loan is a simple process with a wide variety of possible objectives.

Reducing your monthly payment, lowering your interest rate, for home improvements reducing your loan term, taking cash out, adding someone onto the loan and title, reducing the principle balanced owed, changing your loan program - these are a few reasons people look into refinancing.

Identifying your objectives and being realistic about these goals in relation to the home loans, rates, and pricing currently available is important.

Your loan consultant will be able to assist you in setting realistic expectations and goals based on market options. They will also be able to bring to your attention various solutions you may not have been aware of.

Knowing available programs and their guidelines, having access to current market pricing and rate sheets, and being able to qualify you for the loan program that accomplishes your goals are skills your loan officer must possess.

Getting a quote to determine whether or not refinancing is truly worth considering is something many homeowners look for early on. We offer borrowers current market quotes along with fee estimates for evaluation purposes.  A quote however is not the same as being prequalified or preapproved for your refinance. To accomplish this you must complete a loan application.

A completed loan application is not a commitment on your part.

It does provide your loan consultant the necessary information to make an informed evaluation and confirm or correct (for better or worse) the rate quote already provided.

At this point in time you have to decide whether or not you would like to proceed with the loan. 

Your typical refinance will take approximately 30 days from submission to closing, however when there is high borrower demand, it may take longer to close, something an experienced loan officer can and should bring to your attention as early as possible.

The process of qualifying will involve providing the supplemental paperwork, and reviewing your income, assets, credit, and collateral. Your loan officer will be able to inform you of the guidelines for approval relating to various programs. 

To begin and complete your loan submission requires your returning the loan application along with the required supplemental paperwork the underwriter will require to issue a formal decision about your refinance.

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An experienced loan officer will be able to identify the supplemental paperwork the underwriter will require resulting in a simplified approval with minimal conditions.

Conditions are requirements that must be met to complete your refinance and are associated with every loan approval. A typical loan condition is the appraisal supporting the required value to complete the financing.

Your loan consultant will assist you in satisfying these conditions and is one of their primary functions.

They will also help you interpret and determine the best time to lock in your interest rate and the corresponding pricing. When you decide to lock your interest rate is an important decision, and one that many people make without fully understanding their options; something your loan consultant should discuss in great detail.

Culture Mortgage goes to great lengths making sure your refinance meets all possible goals. Our comprehensive knowledge on home finance and guidelines means we assess and manage your loan from start to finish. 

Your loan consultant is with you the entire time, start to finish.  From loan application through approval and funding, you'll have someone you can talk to that you have established a relationship with.
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